This is a picture of me looking out through the point of no return at Cape Coast Castle in Ghana back in 2011. I love this picture. It reminds me of the strength of my ancestors. I am the evidence of their sacrifice and perseverance. I wish more young people knew this. I think having that knowledge and pride would counter the self-destructive and negative coping mechanisms of many people, both young and old.

I was in Ghana earlier this year. And,, I miss it. Honestly, its hard to articulate why, but if I'm truly honest with myself, most of it has to do with the freedom and less stress I feel when I find myself in the majority. I'm sure there are research studies on this.. However, today I will not put on my academic research hat. I don't want this space to be for that. Re-launching this space is for the other side of me, dedicated to healing the personal and by necessity, the political. However, if no one has researched the temporary transference of power and privilege